SIA Webinar: Three things you need to know about artificial intelligence in video surveillance

October 27, 2020


Machine learning and artificial intelligence: For the last couple of years they have been used everywhere. Some of the biggest companies are using them, sometimes without us even knowing. Every time you search on Google, shop for recommended products on Amazon, or have Facebook tag a friend for you, machine learning is being used. For a very long time, this technology stayed in academia and these techniques were only theoretical. It is only recently that artificial intelligence and machine learning have begun to be used in the real world.

The security industry has already started to benefit from the increased capabilities of artificial intelligence. AI has helped transform the efficiency of many security companies. But how does it work and what are the benefits? This webinar explored the role of artificial intelligence in video surveillance, its impact on video analytics, and the benefits it brings to the entire video monitoring ecosystem.

Brian Baker,
VP, Americas, Calipsa

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