Webinar: Return on Security: Delivering the “Smart” in Safe + Smart Spaces

Return on Security: Delivering the "Smart" in Safe + Smart Spaces

March 18, 2021


In the last Dell Technologies – ISC News webinar we covered the transformation taking place in safety and security as it converged with computer vision applications to create “Safe + Smart” spaces. In this session, we’ll do the deep dive which demonstrates how focusing system design on actionable insights and driving business outcomes, turns safety & security infrastructure from a cost center into a solution that reduces costs, improves productivity and can generate additional revenue.

Hear from our Dell Technologies Safety and Security / Computer Vision panelists Wayne Arvidson, Global Director Market Development and Strategy and Greg Moya, Global Technologist Market Development and Strategy, and Global CTO, Computer Vision, Nigel Steyn as they share their views on how enhanced computer vision applications coupled with “Analytics Anywhere” delivers on the promise of the new “Safe + Smart” infrastructure. Join the conversation by registering today.

What’s in it for you:
• Hear from our experts on how you can use computer vision and “Analytics Anywhere” to positively impact revenue generation and improve operational efficiencies.
• Learn how you can leverage next-generation solutions to deliver actionable insights that transform your safety & security infrastructure into a “Safe + Smart” environment.
• Discover how Dell Technologies safety and security solutions are already delivering value to organizations such as yours.

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