Why Now is the Perfect Time to Rethink Your Mail Security Strategy

SIA and Security Systems News Emerging Tech Webcast Series: Mail Security Approaches to Building and Executing a Scalable, Effective Operation

November 10, 2022

Even the largest and theoretically the most secure organizations – Apple, Facebook, JP Morgan and more – have been victims of mail-based attacks, causing significant business disruptions and leading to millions of dollars in damages. It doesn’t have to be this way, as the latest imaging technology and the installation of comprehensive incident response plans will close vulnerabilities and protect businesses from potentially dangerous yet innocuous postal mail.

This webinar, presented by Security Systems News in partnership with SIA and sponsored by RaySecur, will discuss:

  • Insights on recent mail threat data and statistics for the U.S. and international regions
  • Tools to diagnose existing security vulnerabilities in a hybrid or remote work environment
  • Techniques to reduce the risk for new and emerging mail-borne threats
  • Standard operating procedures for all levels of the organization


  • Moderator: TJ Kelly
  • David Hale, narcotics subject matter expert and trainer, RaySecur
  • Cory Harris, editor, Security Systems News
  • Scott Hooper, senior protection program manager, AT-RISK International
  • William Plummer, chief security officer, RaySecur

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