Beginner’s Guide: Kickstart Your Location-Based Monitoring Program

Security Industry Association (SIA)

This beginner's guide will help you understand the step-by-step process you can create for your corporate security team within a location-based intelligence platform.

I. Set Goals

With any new program, it is critical to determine your goals. It is good to start with a specific goal in mind, for example, utilize the platform around the next large upcoming event in the city your headquarters is located or simply set-up recorded locations around your global offices. As you build sophistication, you can add to your goals.

II. Setting up Your Account: Corporate Security Operations

As you get up and running with a new platform, make sure you take the time at the beginning to set up the foundation of your account correctly. This will help the security operations team get the most out of the location-based content for real-time decision making.

Save Locations: With location-based intelligence, you can search any location of interest - down to the specific address. Save your company's key locations for quick navigation in the platform moving forward. You can track multiple areas important to your security team.

Create Recordings: Now that you've saved your top locations, create recordings to monitor these areas. Recordings can monitor 24/7 as well as for a specified time period. Utilize recordings to predict and monitor social intelligence that may pose a threat to your company in real-time.

Alert Notifications: Create alerts to notify your security team of keywords/phrases, benchmarks, thresholds, or specific users significant to you. Alerts can be sent immediately, hourly, daily, or weekly. Proactive notifications allow your team to quickly analyze and act on dangerous alerts.

Real-time Monitoring: Accessing the live stream of content allows you to monitor a location 24/7 in real-time. Viewing posts as they are coming in at any location is a good way to investigate social data during large events to stop threats before they occur.

III. Follow Updates and Product Launches

As with any technology company, continued innovation is critical for the future success of the platform. Ensure that you are staying up to date with the product's new features and functionality to derive the most value from your platform.

Geofeedia is customer and market driven. We want to provide our customers with access to a user-friendly platform. Therefore, Geofeedia offers webinars, launch events and constant product updates to introduce features that matter to you.

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