Recommendations for Initiating an Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution

Security Industry Association (SIA)

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board today released, “Recommendations for Initiating an Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution,” a brief listing of executive level recommendations to serve as a starting point for developing a comprehensive cyber-risk strategy. (Read the document online here​.)

The Security Industry Association (SIA) published the recommendations as part of its efforts to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues among physical security stakeholders in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and its National Cybersecurity Awaren​ess Month​.

After surveying SIA membership earlier this year, the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board found that one of the most common areas of concern particularly around the integrator community is educating customers and partners on how to be cyber-responsible. The document provides outlines of high-level conversations that must occur before initiating a cybersecurity strategy—as well as recommendations that can point decision-makers in the right direction.

“Recommendations for Initiating an Enterprise Cybersecurity Solution” follows on the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board’s previous release of the “Beginner’s Guide to Product and System Hardening,” which was geared toward security product and service providers and provided recommendations on how to harden products from cyberbreach. The Board plans to tackle more tactical guidance with future releases, and it will continue to coordinate with other associations, industry groups and government bodies to provide cybersecurity recommendations for the industry.

Meanwhile, advisors on the Cybersecurity Advisory Board are gathering in New York City as early as today to participate in a panel discussion, “The Reality of Cybersecurity: Is It a Battle or Opportunity for Change?,” at Securing New Ground (SNGTM), the SIA executive conference.

If you’re there, you can engage directly with SIA Cybersecurity Advisors such as Adam Firestone, Senior Vice President, Solutions Secure Channels Inc.; Jeff N. Whitney, VP, Marketing, Arecont Vision; Ken Mills, CTO, Surveillance and Security, Dell EMC; and others.

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