SIA Acknowledged by Security Industry Alarm Coalition

Kirk MacDowell (third from left) stand with other security industry leaders in Nashville on June 16.

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) presented the Security Industry Association (SIA) with an award for its long history of supporting SIAC initiatives in a ceremony during the ESX Public Safety Luncheon in Nashville, Tennessee, on June 16.

Accepting on behalf of SIA was Kirk MacDowell, Vice President of Platform Sales for and a member of the SIA Board of Directors.

SIAC Executive Director Stan Martin singled out SIA and Honeywell, a prominent SIA member, for praise in brief remarks at the luncheon.

“The SIAC Board of Directors would like to acknowledge all our donors and contributors over the years, because we could not meet the needs of law enforcement without your support,” Martin said. “However, there are two very special contributors that deserve recognition today. In fact, it is long overdue. Thank you, Honeywell Fire and Security and the Security Industry Association. Their 15 years of continued financial support has been the cornerstone of our existence—and that is no exaggeration.”

The nonprofit SIAC was established to create a structure for all interested parties to come together under the banner of “dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” and through a coordinated effort maximize the impact on “false dispatch reduction” and “alarm management” across North America by maintaining a liaison with national and state (or provincial) law enforcement leadership, while educating and empowering local alarm communities to proactively foster relationships with law enforcement before a crisis develops, according to the SIAC website.

Thank you, SIAC, for the opportunity to help support your mission! For more information on SIAC, visit