The Security Buzz: February 9, 2018

Using multiple biometric markets and factors for authentication

Industry News

SIA Member company G4S sent staff from across the country to work Super Bowl Live. The Minneapolis-based firm that was providing security at Super Bowl Live was replaced by G4S after information was discovered that insufficient background checks had been conducted on their employees. The events leading up to Super Bowl began on Jan. 26 with no significant security problems reported.  

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced charges against more than 30 individuals for stealing more than $530 million from victims across the world in one of the “largest cyberfraud enterprises ever prosecuted.” The massive operation, known as the Infraud Organization, stole and sold people’s personal information, including credit card and banking information.

FLIR Systems announced that it has sold Lorex, its Canada-based security products subsidiary, along with its Toronto-headquartered small- and medium-sized (SMB) security products business to China-based video surveillance giant Dahua. This divestiture will focus the security business on critical infrastructure and enterprise segments of the broader security market.

Apple and Cisco announced a new deal with insurer Allianz that will allow businesses with their technology products to receive better terms on their cyberinsurance coverage, including lower deductibles. The new terms were offered after evaluating the technical foundation of Apple and Cisco’s products.

Identiv announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 3VR Security, a video technology and data analytics company. The acquisition will provide the company with a full range of technologies to deliver its vision for secure, pervasive yet frictionless premises security, situational awareness and business insights.

While blockchain has received incredible attention due to the recent cryptocurrency boom, many have overlooked the diverse applications blockchain has to offer. Fortunately, various blockchain players such as IBM, Intel and Cisco have acknowledged this and are finding ways to improve on the technology through collaboration.

The annual RSA Conference uncovered this year’s latest trends, with an increased focus on more senior executives being of increasing interest. Another key trend was an increased mention of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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