Security Matters Podcast Episode 1: An Interview with Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly

Security Matters podcast from Security Industry Association

We’re pleased to announce the first podcast from the Security Industry Association (SIA) — Security Matters.

In every episode of Security Matters, we’re bringing you stories of security, profiles of leaders, and discussions of business issues facing our industry.

This episode, our very first, begins with the story of Ray Kelly. The two-time leader of the New York City Police Department, he was commissioner during the first World Trade Center bombing and then again in the aftermath of the second World Trade Center bombing. In between, he held some very high-level federal roles related to global crime and terrorism.

We caught up with Commissioner Kelly at the ISC East tradeshow in New York City to reflect back upon what we learned in the nearly 2 decades since 9/11, how the world has changed from a global risk perspective, and how security technologies fit into the effort to fight the good fight against terror.