The Security Buzz: March 2, 2018

Industry News

The Security Industry Association (SIA), PSA Security Network and ISC Security Events opened registration for Cyber:Secured Forum. This inaugural event will feature top experts on cyber-hardening of security systems, cyberstandards and global cybercrime on June 4-6 in Denver, Colorado.

MONI Smart Security announced an exclusive, long-term trademark licensing agreement with The Brink’s Company, resulting in a complete rebranding of MONI and LiveWatch as BRINKS Home Security. Under the terms of the agreement, MONI will have exclusive use of the BRINKS and BRINKS Home Security trademarks related to the residential smart home and home security categories in the United States and Canada.

Securitas has agreed to acquire the division Kratos Public Safety and Security from Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. The acquisition will expand Securitas’ electronic security platform in the United States by strengthening field operation capabilities and adding local branch infrastructure with highly skilled employees.

Security equipment sales and services in the education market reached $2.7 billion last year in the United States. Security manufacturers are looking to implement the following new security technologies to improve school safety, which would also help reignite market growth: facial recognition technology, logical and physical security identity management integration, high-security classroom doors with multipoint looking systems, and weapons checks using metal detectors or x-ray machines at school entrances.

Amazon advances into home security with $1 billion smart doorbell manufacturer Ring acquisition. The recent acquisition gives Amazon a greater presence in home security, connect home devices and in-home delivery.

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