GDPR and Its Impact on Security Firms

Don’t miss this just-added educational session at ISC West.

The Security Industry Association (SIA), as part of SIA Education@ISC West, has announced the addition of the session “Countdown to GDPR: Impact on the Security Ecosystem and How to Prepare,” to the education seminar series at ISC West.

The new European Union (E.U.) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires an enterprise-wide approach, as personal data resides across many different organizational silos, including IT and physical access control systems. Every security firm serving customers and with employees located in the E.U. needs to be aware of and have a GDPR program in place to ensure compliance, meet customer needs and avoid costly fines.

“Managing risk has always been the hallmark of the security industry. The GDPR presents the industry with an opportunity to embed privacy into its security solutions and practices based on a pragmatic and thorough risk assessment. In doing so, the security industry can address concerns about data and location privacy thus building customer trust in our products and services.” – Kathleen Carroll

Attendees of this seminar will be provided with an overview of the GDPR, its purpose, scope and deadlines, and will be able to identify the compliance requirements under GDPR applicable to security firms, both for protecting customer and employee data, and protecting personal data collected by security systems. In addition, the session will examine the product features and technology tools manufacturers and integrators are utilizing to achieve compliance.

“Weak security is like testing the depth of a river with both feet. It’s a leap of faith, not an example of intelligent management. GDPR is a stimulus to transform obsolete and inefficient business processes and make security a business enabler. It substitutes certainty for wishful thinking.“ – Jasvir Gill

Moderating the session will be Jake Parker, SIA Director of Government Relations. Panel team members include: Jasvir Gill, CEO, Alert Enterprise; Susan Ross, Partner, Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Chair, Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp LLC; and Lora Wilson, Director of Marketing, Axis Communications.

This session will take place at the Sands Convention Center, Wednesday, April 11, from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m., Room 302, Level 1. Early bird and package pricing to access SIA Education at ISC West starts at $425. Registration is now open on the SIA Education at ISC West home page.

For more information about SIA Education at ISC West, please contact Kimberly Roberts, SIA director of education at (301) 804-4708 or via email