The Security Buzz: May 4, 2018

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Pivot3, announced it has expanded its relationship with HyTrust to deliver secure, compliant video surveillance infrastructure solutions that ensure high levels of data protection. According to Pivot3, the two companies can deliver a video surveillance solution that meets the data security and compliance requirements of mission-critical environments.

Convergint Technologies has acquired French systems integrator Astrec Security, based in suburban Paris. The company’s ninth acquisition since early 2017, Astrec’s suburban Paris location and experience will serve complex global customers that are facing sophisticated integration needs on an enterprise level

If cybercriminals are using automation to do their crime, should your cybersecurity defense be doing the same? Organizations, regardless of size, should be prepared to take a proactive approach to protecting network systems—it is time to use “threat intelligence” as a tool to stop cybercriminals in their tracks.

Maximize the success of your cloud migration strategy and avoid the most frequently underestimated aspects of moving apps to the cloud. The five steps outlined in CSO’s guide will help you to develop a sound migration strategy that can be achieved on-time and on-budget with minimal risk.

As concerns for data protection within cyberspace rise, and the cost of security spending increases, data protections firms are adapting their strategies to counter malicious attacks. In an interview with Forbes, Vice President of User and Data Security for Forcepoint, discussed “Risk-Adaptive Protection”— a strategy using behavior-analytics to identify an organization’s strongest and weakest points in their cybersecurity based on their employees’ online routine in the workplace.

Could the biggest cybersecurity threat to your organization be your own staff? Prevent cyber vulnerabilities within your organization by understanding the culture, driving awareness, deliver tailored training, lead by example, and hire appropriately.

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