Free for SIA Members: Your Questions Answered by a Cybersecurity Expert

Unifying and Converging IT and Physical Security

At this point it is no secret that physical security devices and systems are ripe targets for cyber hacks and tampering. Security Industry Association (SIA) members are challenged with proactively ensuring that their products and services are cyber secure and meeting the evolving cybersecurity requirements of their customers.

SIA aims to be your partner in addressing these cybersecurity challenges, and we are offering our members a new opportunity to have key questions and topics answered through our monthly SIA Cyber Office Hours program.

Hosted by Smithee Solution’s Rodney Thayer, an accomplished cybersecurity researcher, ethical hacker and physical security specialist, SIA members set the agenda for each session by submitting topics and questions in advance or during the live information sharing session. Any SIA member can submit a question or topic and depending on the topics submitted, specialists will join Rodney to provide answers to your specific questions and/or provide general guidance on common pain points. The monthly cadence also allows SIA members to keep current on the latest cybersecurity vulnerabilities, tactics and opportunities.

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Best of all we archive the content for members (see archives of SIA Cyber Office Hours session 1 and session 2; login required). In the first two SIA Cyber Office Hours sessions, SIA members learned:

  • Common methodologies hackers employ to specifically attack physical security products
  • How organizations can deploy intense quality assurance to mitigate cyber-physical threats
  • How to access resources that track common vulnerabilities for physical security vendors.
  • Patch management techniques for physical security providers
  • Rumblings from DefCon conference, where hackers meet to discuss exploits

Working on a cybersecurity project? Have questions?  Register for SIA Cyber Office Hours and submit a topic area or question before the next session. Submit questions using SIA360, the members-only discussion forum or by contacting Joe Gittens, SIA director of standards at

Participating in the SIA Cyber Office Hours program is entirely free for SIA members and accessible to SIA members only. (Not sure if your company is a member? Check the SIA membership directory.)

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