Cyber Onboarding Tip: Use Company-Issued Hardware

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is committed to helping you onboard new employees in a safe and secure way. Our Cyber Onboarding Guide for Employees helps employers and staff reduce cyber vulnerabilities at their organizations, protecting their business and assets.

As a consumer of technology, you have many options for your devices. Organizations, on the other hand, should consider security and performance characteristics when selecting devices for the workplace. Here are SIA’s Cybersecurity Working Group’s tips for using company-issued hardware:

  • Whenever possible, work should be done on company-issued devices. These devices are maintained and updated for security on a regular, trusted schedule.
  • Keep your company-issued devices secured: physically lock them when they’re not in use, and password-protect devices or use other authentication methods to restrict access by other users.
  • Only use personal devices for basic communications, like emails without attachments. And always use company-provided web portals, or a virtual private network.
  • Immediately report lost or stolen hardware/devices to the IT department so they can be deactivated, reducing the risk of ransomware or stolen data.

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