Cyber Onboarding Tip: Take Wi-Fi Security Precautions

Wi-Fi security precautions on phone

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is committed to helping you onboard new employees in a safe and secure way. Our Cyber Onboarding Guide for Employees, filled with information from SIA’s Cybersecurity Working Group,  helps employers and staff reduce cyber vulnerabilities at their organizations, protecting their business and assets.

In this ever-connected world, there is constant pressure to remain online, and sometimes that means using public Wi-Fi. Public networks are not secure, so it’s best to limit activity on them, but here are some precautions to take on these networks. Share these with new staff to help them protect themselves, their data and your company online.

  • Ensure that the network is the one that it is purported to be. Many hackers set up duplicate networks that may be off a few characters from legitimate networks but seem close enough.
  • Once connected, log in to the company virtual private network.
  • When connected to outside networks, use them for simple activities only; do not perform sensitive functions.
  • Disconnect when internet access is no longer necessary.

SIA recommends creating policies for new hires and offering refresher training for current employees to increase cyber awareness, reduce incidents and keep data protected. Want more cybersecurity tips to share with new staff? Check out the full guide.