SIA Takes Action on School Security and Mobile Driver’s License Technologies

school security

Association advocates for increased school security funding; supports bills introducing new technology solutions for mobile IDs

The Security Industry Association (SIA) recently weighed in to support to advance legislation impacting systems integrators, security solution developers and product manufacturers.

Supporting proven, effective school safety programs and practices at the state level is a key policy priority for SIA as more school districts seek to evaluate and enhance the safety of K-12 facilities. In January, lawmakers in Indiana introduced two companion bills, IN HB1225; IN SB 266, which specifically allow the use of statewide grant funds to implement active event warning systems and encourage districts to provide  police personnel with district-wide electronic access to video security data in the event of an emergency . These best practices are recommended in the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools (view SIA’s support letter here).

Likewise, lawmakers in Georgia introduced a bill, GA SB 15, which would amend official Georgia code to include private schools (public schools were already included) in requiring they develop proper safety plans and develop and maintain programs for training and certifying persons to act as school safety coaches. Compliance will be evaluated every two years through a threat assessment of buildings, facilitie, and campuses by the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (view SIA’s support letter here).  

Learn more about SIA’s policy priorities regarding school safety.

Mobile driver’s license programs are another key issue allowing state IDs to be carried via a residents’ mobile phones or other digital devices. Mobile driver’s licenses offer numerous benefits to taxpayers, state governments and citizens alike, including enhanced identity security. Lawmakers in both Missouri (MO SB 200) and Texas (TX HB 682) have introduced legislation to establish pilot programs for implementing a public digital driver’s license system; view SIA’s support letters for the Missouri and Texas legislation.

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