State Bills on the Move Enabling Use of Security Technology to Protect Students, Children and the Elderly

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Lawmakers in Hawaii (HI HB 736), Minnesota (MN HF 146/SF 11), Missouri (MO HB 719), North Dakota (ND SB 2113) and South Dakota (SD HB 1268) have all introduced legislation that would require nursing homes and assisted living facilities to allow residents and their families to install video surveillance and electronic monitoring equipment in their quarters for security and accountability purposes.

Legislation requiring video monitoring for special need classrooms and child care facilities has been introduced by lawmakers in New Jersey (NJ S 3264), Rhode Island (RI HB 5737) and Texas (TX HB 459).

The potential benefit of a family having the ability to monitor the care a loved one receives, even if they themselves cannot be present, is extremely important to their well-being. This also ensures greater accountability that will serve to reduce abuse, neglect, theft or other misbehavior and help authorities address incidents. While providing peace of mind for the families of the students and residents cared for in these facilities, it also provides added protection for teachers and care givers, especially when accidents occur.

Kentucky lawmakers are also on the verge of passing KY SB 1, which, among other provisions aimed at addressing gaps in K-12 safety and security, would amend statewide access control requirements to ensure all classroom doors be equipped with hardware that allows them to be locked from the outside but opened from the inside. Additionally, main entrances must be equipped with electronically locking doors, a camera and intercom system. All public schools in the state must be in compliance by July 1, 2022. This bill could be on the governor’s desk before the end of the legislature’s session on March 30.

These specific requirements align with best practices recommended in the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools (PASS) Safety and Security Guidelines for K-12 Schools, which SIA supports.

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