Security Matters Podcast Episode 3: Here Come the Robots

Security Matters podcast from Security Industry Association

In episode 3 of the Security Matters podcast, the Security Industry Association ( speaks with experts in the fields of using robots for security applications.

These companies, including Cobalt Robotics and Robotics Assistance Devices, discuss the challenges of putting robots in commercial environments, how such technology can be used to work with existing guard forces, and how artificial intelligence (AI) is helping these robots learn their environments.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Using security robots with security guards
  • Navigating challenging physical environments
  • Role of human controllers
  • How robots will use AI
  • How security practitioners are perceiving security robots
  • How companies in this space define what is a robot and what is not a robot

This episode was produced in partnership with SIA’s Drones and Robots Working Group, an active group of technologists exploring how autonomous technologies will impact the security industry.