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Security Industry Association (SIA) member Identiv is a global provider of physical security and secure identification whose products, software, systems and services address the markets for physical and logical access control and a wide range of radio-frequency identification (RFID)-enabled applications. The company is headquartered in Fremont, California, with its operational headquarters in Santa Ana, California, and additional offices in Arlington, Virginia; Oakland, California; Germany; Hong Kong; India; Japan; and Singapore. Identiv has thousands of customers worldwide in a variety of different verticals, including the government, enterprise, consumer, education, health care, banking, retail and transportation sectors.

SIA spoke with Steve Humphreys, CEO and director of Identiv, about the company, the security industry and working with SIA.

SIA: Tell us the story of your company.

Steve Humphreys: Identiv was initially formed by the combination of three companies: SCM Microsystems Inc., a U.S.-based provider of smart card readers and modules; Bluehill ID AG, a Swiss company focused on RFID; and Hirsch Electronics LLC, a physical access control solutions provider.

This quality of identifying technologies that work well together and bringing them into the business has been a central strategy for Identiv’s growth and expansion. We recently incorporated three more businesses: 3VR Security; Thursby Software System; and the Freedom, Liberty and Enterphone business lines from Viscount Systems. These acquisitions brought us new and expanded capabilities in video intelligence and analytics, mobile devices functionality for credentialing and premises security for commercial and small and medium-sized business customers.

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What solutions/services does your business offer in the security industry? And what makes your offerings/company unique?

SH: At its heart, Identiv provides physical security and secure identification. Our product portfolio has a pretty wide range, encompassing software, systems and services that are all geared for different aspects of physical and logical access control, video analytics or different RFID-enabled applications. We really strive to secure both the physical world and the connected world, protecting premises and facilities while also guarding access to sensitive information.

What’s something we might not know about your company – or something new you’re doing in security?

SH: The interesting thing about near-field communication (NFC) and RFID applications is that there are always new use cases cropping up. Identiv has been working with Les Bouchages Delage, a company that makes bottle closures. We started by working with them on a bottle cap for a luxury cognac brand, allowing customers to better verify their purchase through an Android or iOS device. Now we’re expanding this capability to more of their caps. Companies in the wine and spirits industry can use NFC in their bottle closures to communicate with customers or provide special offers.

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SIA: What does SIA offer that is most important to you/your company? And what do you most hope to get out of your membership?

SH: There are so many amazing benefits that we receive by being a part of SIA. We truly appreciate the chance to be a part of or hear from the large variety of industry interest groups and committees that SIA forms, such as certification, education, training, government relations and standards, to name a few. There are also some great benefits through the events and information offered by SIA, like with Cyber:Secured Forum.

SIA: How does your organization engage with SIA? What are your plans for involvement in the next year (e.g., events, accessing member resources)?

SH: We’re really proud to be a part of SIA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board; I joined along with Identiv’s senior manager of Identiv Global Services, Josh Ebert, earlier in 2019. I will serve on the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board at the executive level, and Josh will focus on the technical level. We are really devoted to the mission of the board and how it can help the industry.

This group is a great way to bring the industry together on the important matter of cybersecurity, especially as more and more companies realize how prevalent cyber risks are and how they can affect physical security devices and infrastructure. We really look forward to helping guide and educate our fellow SIA members on how to best manage these growing challenges.

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