A Message From Sandra Jones: Thanks to All!

Sandra Jones

Security industry veteran and longtime SIA champion Sandy Jones, celebrating the start of her retirement, reflects on the association and industry.

For all of you who took the time to share your good wishes and congratulations on my retirement; Thank you. I’m humbled and honored. I was caught completely off guard and speechless (a rarity for me) with the tribute to me at SIA Honors Night and with many of your posts on LinkedIn.

What was so astonishing was learning more about how I helped many of you in your business and personally in your careers. It was gratifying to learn that, over the last 45 years, I had an impact on so many of you, but the real impact to the industry was by encouraging many of you to get involved in the Security Industry Association (SIA). It was you who lent your time, knowledge and talent to the association that moved the market forward. While products, services and threats changed, the one industry constant has been the willingness of people like many of you to volunteer.      

Since SIA Honors Night, held annually during ISC East, is about outstanding volunteers, I want to congratulate this year’s award recipients: Steve Van Till, Andrew Lanning, George Anderson, Maureen Carlo and Jeff Gardner. Each of you exemplifies the impact of what one person’s contributions can make to benefit the market.

Since I was like a deer in the headlights and so shocked at Honors Night, I did not thank the people who have been supportive and important to me (and probably to many of you), so please indulge me now, as I can’t retire without thanking them:

The recent past SIA Board Chairmen: Gordon Hope, Jay Hauhn, John Stroia and Denis Hebert. Each made important contributions to SIA that will help all industry participants for years to come.

Scott Schafer, SIA’s current chairman, who is helping create new services, building new relationships and is actively driving diversity in the industry. As one of the first women leaders in the security industry, I believe that what Scott is doing is extremely important. SIA is creating a platform for woman, people of color and others whose voices have been silent too long.

Bill Bozeman, who I respect on so many levels, as he has given systems integrators the tools to thrive, profit and be recognized as a significant part of the security ecosystem. Bill and PSA Security Network have moved systems integrators to become solutions providers and the conduit to the customer. 

Don Erickson, CEO of SIA, has implemented our plans, built strategic alliances and, with his staff, allowed us volunteers to move our goals into actual results.

Les Gold and Jeff Kessler for helping create Securing New Ground and now Geoff Kohl of SIA who is taking SNG to the next phase. 

Mike Howard, Dan Moceri, Ray Dean, Ray O’Hara and Mary Beth Shaughnessy, for your support over the years.

Fredrik Nilsson, who taught me that giving newcomers to the industry just 10 minutes’ time could make a difference in their future and our industry.

Charles Durant, who will continue serving clients and the industry through Sandra Jones and Company. 

Last but never least, my family, as they have allowed me to follow my dreams and still help them with theirs.

I apologize if I did not name you, but you must believe that each of you are in my heart. And as my memory fades, don’t worry, my database is still up to date. I was part of SIA’s history, and now I leave it in your good hands, as you are the future.

Don’t forget to laugh along the way.