SIA Promises to Do All That We Can

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is ready to support your business during these uncertain times.

At SIA, we know how challenging it is for you and your business to face today’s global pandemic from COVID-19.

We know that business deals are made with a handshake, but today’s social health norms are keeping us from even doing that. We also understand that the effects of this virus may be presenting new challenges and creating unanswered questions, like whether to keep your team traveling, whether you have enough or too much product in stock, whether you should keep your offices open and whether you have the continuity systems in place to adapt.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in this. As your association, we have a mission to help to be a catalyst for your success within the global security industry.

We are one community, we are one SIA and we are your SIA – and we want to know how we can help you.

Tell us what we can do to help you sustain – and grow – your business during this period of uncertainty. Please email me directly at

Again, we extend our cares to all SIA members and the broader security industry, particularly any individuals and companies being directly impacted by the coronavirus.

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