SIA New Member Profile: Fracktional Solutions

New Security Industry Association (SIA) member Fracktional Solutions is a consulting firm providing a wide range of services to assist businesses in the areas of project management, data analytics, people analytics, information technology services, finance, human resource functions, training and development and safety. The company is located in Walnutport, Pennsylvania, with customers ranging from local businesses to global corporations.

SIA spoke with Jill Frack, owner of Fracktional Solutions, about the company, the security industry and working with SIA.

Tell us the story of your company.

Jill Frack: Fracktional Solutions was created in February 2022 as a way to help people identify opportunities and develop strategic action plans to achieve their goals. We started offering keynote speaking, project management and custom software development, but we have since expanded our service offerings in 2023.

Our chief technology officer, Tyson Frack, has worked in the security industry since 2002, holding many roles from technician to trainer, professional services, technical account manager/developer, and I would attend ISC West with him every year.

I joined the security industry in May 2019, where I was a senior project manager for federal systems at an integrator. I held various roles in other industries from pharmaceuticals to hospice and naval defense and was able to transfer this prior experience to the security industry. At the integrator, I was promoted to a director role for environmental, social and governance (ESG) and legal operations, and I was selected to serve on the SIA ESG Advisory Board.

What solutions/services does your business offer in the security industry? And what makes your offerings or your company unique?

JF: We offer a range of solutions for business, advisory and technical services. What makes us unique is that we bridge the role from manufacturer to end users. Each customer of Fracktional Solutions has a unique challenge that we address and solutions range from off-the-shelf solutions to a custom solution.

What makes us unique is we use the “Fractional” work Model, but since our last name is Frack we incorporated that into our business name, Fracktional Solutions, which people geek out over due to the movie Battlestar Galactica. Fractional work allows us to meet the specific needs of our clients without the overhead commitment of hiring someone full-time on staff and allows for greater flexibility in scheduling.

What’s something we might not know about your company – or something new you’re doing in security?

JF: Our company is a woman-owned small business. We solve common customer problems through solutions, processes and programs to mitigate risk and maximize effort. The most important attribute is the ability to switch consulting roles to assist customers, integrators, manufacturers and developers depending on the situation. We are working on developing custom integrations for access control customers that assist with bringing all devices to an integrated security ecosystem.  

What are the biggest challenges facing your company and/or others in the security industry?

JF: The biggest challenges we see in the security industry are staying up to date on emerging technologies and applicable global regulations. These challenges allow us to serve as technical advisors to meet current issues and identify future opportunities. Scalability will be a challenge for the ever-changing security industry, as companies need to adapt quickly to scale a product larger or smaller depending on the customers’ needs. For example, post-COVID return to work or remote policies affected commercial real estate and work-from-home opportunities changed the office landscape, which created new challenges for maintaining secure spaces.

What does SIA offer that is most important to you/your company? And what do you most hope to get out of your membership with SIA?

JF: Three things that are important to us from SIA:

  • The information that SIA provides to stay updated on new regulations and technologies
  • Opportunities for connections with others
  • Events that SIA provides to bring the industry together

So the question asks, “What do you hope to get out of your membership?”, but we hope to give back to the industry, and being a member allows us to stay connected with others in the industry. The opportunities through SIA are amazing, and we are excited for what is to come!

How does your organization engage with SIA? What are your plans for involvement in the next year?

JF: Fracktional Solutions is a new member of SIA, but Tyson and I have both been involved with SIA through events at ISC East and ISC West and initiatives such as the Women in Security Forum’s Essentials 4 Job Security Giveback and CAN DO Challenge and the SIA RISE Scholarship. With SIA RISE, we would attend the happy hour meetups virtually and in person, and we participated in the SIA RISE events at Topgolf each year. In 2021, I was honored to be one of the SIA RISE Scholarship recipients, and we were delighted to donate through Fracktional Solutions to the scholarship program.

I serve on the ESG Advisory Board for SIA, where I am involved in creating awareness in the industry on initiatives that organizations can implement. This is a two-year position that I will be serving on, and I am excited to see where this goes, as you might see me presenting at some of the upcoming conferences on this topic!

Any additional thoughts, updates or resources to share?

JF: I have interacted with SIA in various ways and had two of my articles published with SIA: AI in Security and Psychology, which appeared in the SIA Technology Insights journal, and How People Analytics Can Enhance Your Company’s Workforce Development Strategy, which was published in the SIA Center of Excellence.

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