5 Takeaways From the 2024 Expo Seguridad México Event

Jason de Souza headshot
Jason de Souza is managing director, Latin America and the Caribbean at Genetec and chair of SIA’s International Relations Committee.

Last month (April 16-18, 2024), over 17,000 security industry professionals gathered in Mexico City, Mexico, for Expo Seguridad México – the largest event for the security industry in Latin America.

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is proud to be the premier sponsor of this fast-growing security expo and enjoyed connecting with members and industry leaders on the show floor and at SIA’s featured events – a lively Executive Reception, a high-energy Women in Security Forum networking breakfast and panel discussion and a special happy hour reception presented by the SIA RISE community for young professionals.

Here are some key takeaways and insights from the 2024 Expo Seguridad México event, which showcased significant trends and opportunities in the security industry:

  1. Dynamic Investment Interest in Mexico: There’s a heightened investment, especially noting the United States, Canada and other regions’ nearshoring strategies. The expo highlighted various advancements aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiencies, reflecting a robust ecosystem ripe for investment. Attendees at the show are looking to expand their relevance, accessing both the dynamic Mexican market opportunity and the production, import and export of products and services between Mexico and other markets.
  2. Career Opportunities in Physical Security: The expo illuminated the rapid growth of career prospects within the physical security sector. Notably, many young professionals and upcoming graduates are eager to engage in this field. This interest aligns perfectly with SIA’s initiatives, such as events, programs and offerings through the SIA RISE community for emerging leaders in our industry (which hosted a fantastic happy hour reception for young professionals during the show), could significantly support emerging professionals, and the connection to mentors, hiring companies and professionals in our industry.
  3. Cybersecurity and Physical Security Integration: A key theme from the expo was the critical importance of cybersecurity in reinforcing physical security systems. Best practices and innovative strategies were discussed to safeguard these integrated systems effectively.  There continue to be huge challenges, threats and evolving threat surfaces, which the security ecosystem is coming together to battle.
  4. Cloud-Based Solutions: With rising capital costs, the shift towards cloud-based solutions was a prominent topic. The discussions focused on the advantages of operational expenditure over capital expenditure, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for organizations. As networks evolve, and bandwidth is increasingly are available, Mexico can continue to be an early adopter of leading-edge tech.
  5. Women’s Contribution to Security: The event proudly showcased the substantial contributions of women in the security industry, especially highlighted during the “Women in Security”
    panel presented by SIA’s Women in Security Forum community. The insights and impact of today’s women security leaders are inspiring a more inclusive and diverse industry landscape. 

These observations from the 2024 Expo Seguridad México event not only reflect the current state of the security industry but also point to promising directions for future growth and innovation.

SIA participation in Expo Seguridad Mexico is led by SIA’s International Relations Committee, which works to internationally represent and advocate for SIA members in the security industry. SIA is strongly involved in the planning of the educational conference that accompanies the exhibits, with SIA’s learning and development team working closely with the International Relations Committee to identify topics and sessions that match the learning needs of the professional audience at this growing Latin American event. Learn more about the trade show and conference and how you can attend next year here.