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The requirements for doing business with the U.S. government are complex and nuanced. From identifying business opportunities and federal and state funding sources to ensuring compliance with regulatory statutes and grant program requirements, learn how to effectively market and sell products and services to government entities.

To assist security manufacturers, dealers and systems integrators in navigating government contracting and procurement processes, the Security Industry Association (SIA) has developed a three-part Selling to the Government training program as part of its Microlearning Series of educational modules.

Presentation Descriptions

Leveraging Grant Support for Security Projects

In this module, Jake Parker, senior director of government relations for SIA, explains grant support and discusses the types of grants relevant to security projects. Participants will learn about the grant application process, requirements and key considerations, including the applicability of Buy America/Buy American statutes. The presenter identifies key federal and state grant programs for specific vertical markets within the security industry (such as school security improvements) and describes “Sec. 889” restrictions for federal grant recipients. Lastly, learn more about what to look for in the year ahead including economic and stimulus relief packages, such as the CARES Act.

Selling Security Products to the Government

Build your knowledge of doing business with government entities in this training module.  Lynn de Séve, 30-year career veteran and president of GSA Schedules Inc., leads a high-level discussion on the process for selling products and services to the government. This presentation provides participants with valuable information on identifying contracting opportunities, and the requirements and regulations governing compliance as a government contractor. Find out how to market your products and services, identify contract opportunities and grow your business in the government sector.

Overview of the SIA Guide to Cannabis Security Requirements

Drake Jamali, manager of government relations for SIA, provides insight into the current state of cannabis regulation and deregulation, as well as pending legislative actions across the United States. In this module, participants will learn about current federal and state laws surrounding cannabis security and discuss the three common security requirements for states that have legalized marijuana and cannabis products. Additionally, this presentation provides information about the future of the cannabis security industry and discusses ways that it may or may not change.