Physical Security Market Overview: Q2 2021 cover

This four-page brief, created for Security Industry Association (SIA) members by Omdia in partnership with SIA, provides an update on adoption and opportunities for security as a service (SaaS), encompassing access control as a service (ACaaS) and video surveillance as a service (VSaaS). It also includes research and data on the body-worn camera market and examines purchases of open systems and edge devices vs. end-to-end security solutions.


The Q2 2021 Physical Security Market Overview research report includes an analysis of:
  • Overall SaaS adoption trends – sometimes also referred to as physical security as a service (PSaaS)
  • How the market is responding to the integration of ACaaS and VSaaS and what defines an integrated PSaaS system
  • Market size projections, research, data and statistics for security as a service
  • The barriers to market for physical security as a service solutions
  • What opportunities exist in the body-worn camera market, including total market size for body-worn cameras
  • What technology advancements are changing the body-worn camera market
  • How sales of edge devices compare to the sale of end-to-end security solutions

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