Security Industry Job Descriptions

Security Industry Job Description Templates

A Supplement to the Employer's Complete Guide to Hiring

This project is designed to support SIA’s “Employer’s Complete Guide to Hiring” by adding more tools and depth to the 12-step reference guide. Specifically, the scope of this project supports Step 2 in the guide, “Role Clarity, Responsibilities and Growth Potential,” by providing job descriptions for SIA member stakeholders. These job descriptions are primarily designed for either manufacturers/solutions companies or security systems integration firms, although some job descriptions (e.g., business development manager) are more universal and can be applied to other types of businesses.

Job Description Templates Available:

Login and download the introductory document and then use its tips and instructions with the following six job description templates: Universal: • Business Development Manager Job Description Template • Default Job Description Template (can be customized for any job opening) For Manufacturers: • Product Manager job description template • Regional Sales Manager job description template For Integrators: • Project Manager job description template • Application Engineer job description template

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