TAMCO Security Integrator’s Playbook: How to Make the Pivot to a Service Sales Model & Build Recurring Monthly Revenue

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This content was provided by SIA member company TAMCO.

Many integrators are trying to make the shift to a service-focused sales model because they know that is the best way to build recurring revenue; however, most fail at doing so effectively. Most often, the reason integrators struggle to make this shift is because it takes an entirely different mindset and approach to selling. The traditional one-time transactional style technology hardware sale they’ve always known is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole when wanting to pivot to a service sales model in today’s marketplace.

This e-book is a comprehensive road map that, when followed in its entirety, will lead integrators to successfully making the pivot to a service sales model and building recurring monthly revenue streams.
The Security Integrator’s Playbook is authored by TAMCO, an as-a-service specialist and member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) Learning and Development Committee. TAMCO has spent the last 27 years polishing its expertise consulting solution providers and system integrators to position and sell total technology solutions, which include support services and hardware, as a monthly subscription service that builds recurring revenue for integrators and offers exclusive value to customers.