Attracting Top Recruits: Pathway to Opportunities for Student Athletes in Security

May 7, 2024

About the Webinar

Discipline, tenacity, goal setting and time management are just a few of the qualities athletes bring to the workforce. Pathways for top talent to enter the security industry are a win-win for those of us looking to hire and the women looking to join their next team.

Join the SIA Women in Security Forum (WISF) for an exciting conversation with coaches and student-athletes from the University of Louisville. Hear firsthand about the skills needed to succeed on and off the court. Together, we will learn about student athletes’ dedicated daily commitments and the unique challenges they encounter when seeking career opportunities outside of their sport. We will discuss security applications and job roles that naturally tie in to student athletes’ experiences and can offer promising career opportunities for those entering the workforce.


  • Alice DiSanto, vice president of global marketing, Rajant Corporation; WISF chair
  • Shawn Ruddo, chief solutions officer, Unlimited Technology


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