Re-Opening Facilities and Managing Data Privacy During COVID

September 16, 2020


The current pandemic has created new concerns surrounding private data stored in the cloud, on-premise and in a variety of integrated security systems. COVID-19 continues to impact the current business landscape, encouraging the rapid adoption of technologies used to perform thermal scans, touch-less access and detect/trace an individual’s health status. This means that security professionals must consider the privacy rights of individuals to ensure “return-to-work” strategies are aligned with the requirements of many new privacy laws. Additionally, as regulators get involved, we as an industry must prepare executable solutions at the speed of change to alleviate concerns over data privacy through ethical use policies and protections.

This webinar explores approaches to facility reopening and seeks to explain the premise and method for alleviating the concerns of privacy amongst end-users and integrators. Speakers will discuss the technologies being deployed to reopen facilities safely and securely and address the procedures required to protect private health information through the pandemic while satisfying the confines of GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Panelists will propose “best practices” for concepts of operations in access control and physical security, as well as data capture, transfer, and storage – including data collected or controlled by third-party service providers. Join us for a timely discussion exploring the nuances of access control, physical security, and data privacy in reopening facilities while protecting your company and clients from civil liability.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand liability concerns surrounding data privacy and information protection deriving from new health and safety protocols in re-opening buildings, campuses and other facilities.
• Examine the alignment between “return-to-work” strategies and current privacy laws.
• Learn adaptive strategies for integrators and access control system providers who offer solutions to comply with state and federal requirements while maintaining safety and security
• Discuss best practices in concepts of operation, data storage and the sharing of data.

Discussion Leaders:
Jeffrey C. Friedman,
CEO, Building Intelligence Inc.
Matthew Vaillancourt, Director, NSP Channel Sales, SonicWall
Gary A. Kibel, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP

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