Security Convergence in 2024: Best Practices and Challenges for Corporate Security Teams

February 6, 2024


Join members of SIA’s Convergence 2024 steering committee, including Daniel Reichman with Ai-RGUS, Willem Ryan with Alert Enterprise, Roger Hicks with Avangrid and Deon Chatterton with Safetrust, for a webinar which will delve into crucial insights from SIA’s 2024 Security Convergence report, emphasizing the importance of convergence for the entire security industry.

Go beyond the buzzword to comprehend the unique pressures for corporate security tied to stakeholder success. Navigate the convergence of cybersecurity and physical security with practical best practices and gain insights on effective integration into business operations.

This webinar will provide a quick, comprehensive overview of SIA’s new report (available for review and download here) and highlight the significance of convergence for the industry as a whole.


  • Deon Chatterton, Vice President of Product Management, Safetrust
  • Roger Hicks, CPP, Director of Physical Security and Fire Protection, Avangrid
  • Daniel Reichman, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder, Ai-RGUS
  • Willem Ryan, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, AlertEnterprise


  • Cameron Walker-Miller, Director of Standards and Technology, SIA

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