SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board – Resilience Series 1

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board – Resilience Series

April 13, 2021

The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board presents the first edition of the Resilience Series, a virtual event that showcases cybersecurity insights, exercises, and discussions to make the physical security industry cyber-resilient as a whole.

Attendees are invited to take part in engaging discussion, where we will uncover, challenge and affirm some prevailing cybersecurity perceptions and leave with new understanding and tools to become resiliency champions in our own organizations.


Leadership Habits for Converged Security Keynote


In this keynote presentation, George Finney will share some of the insights found in Well Aware, which offers a timely take on the leadership issues business face when it comes to the threat of hacking. Finney argues that cybersecurity is a people problem rather than a technology problem and that cybersecurity is a series of nine habits that should be mastered: literacy, skepticism, vigilance, secrecy, culture, diligence, community, mirroring and deception. In this presentation, attendees will learn about how to examine security challenges using lessons from psychology, neuroscience, history and economics and how to harness effective cybersecurity techniques in their businesses and everyday lives.

Roundtable: The Most Daunting Challenges of Converged Security


  • Wayne Dorris, business development manager, cybersecurity, Axis Communications
  • Michael Kim, associate, Imperial Capital
  • Rachelle Loyear, vice president, integrated security solutions management, G4S
  • Pauline Norstrom, CEO, Anekanta Consulting

In this session, the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board will pose a handful of burning questions to the audience to discuss some of the most pressing, daunting, confusing and challenging aspects of converged security. Be prepared to bring your questions and thoughts around:

  • The Venn diagram of cybersecurity and privacy
  • Responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities
  • What belongs in a cyber-readiness statement
  • The role of IT in security system integration
  • Pre-release cybersecurity

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