SIA New Member Profile: Sharp Electronics Corp.

Security Industry Association (SIA)

The Security Industry Association (SIA) is pleased to welcome Sharp Electronic Corp. as a new member!

SIA caught up with Alice DiSanto, Director of Marketing, Sharp Robotics Business Development (located in Montvale, New Jersey), to discover more about Sharp Robotics, the Robolliance and the Unmanned Security Expo at ISC West. Visit Sharp at ISC West Booth #3137.

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How did you get into the security industry?

Sharp Electronics Corp. got into the security industry based on our parent company’s commitment to robotics engineering and manufacturing as a global initiative. Sharp began satisfying that commitment by introducing robots in non-U.S. markets for communications and cleaning.

Developing a robot for U.S. security came after extensive research of the industry and its needs. Sharp then established a new division, Sharp Robotics Business Development (SRBD), dedicated to robotics for the United States. Bringing to market an outdoor perimeter patrol robot surfaced as the primary way for SRBD to assist the U.S. security industry technologically and extend human guarding capabilities. This robotic technology, the Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV), has the acumen of over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing excellence behind it.

SRBD leadership—Cliff Quiroga (Vice President) and David Lewis (Associate Vice President)—brought years of Sharp know-how and a spirit of servitude to developing a robotic solution for the security industry. Add to this, Sharp has a priority to “voice of customer” insights and a sincerity to create a product that inherently betters the world. This “listen first” philosophy and people-centric value system, embraced by our entire global team, aligns with my professional mission statement to “not only do good work, but to do good works.” Given the fact that robotic technology can bring about market disruption and even fear, I was compelled to work with colleagues steadfastly focused on first-rate outcomes for the product, the process and the people. From R&D to delivery of the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV, Sharp is a company I am proud to represent.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Taking complex technological concepts and making them understandable is a key aspect of my role as Director of Marketing. This cannot effectively be done alone. It takes a team. Harvesting thought leaders with differing vantage points and educational levels, who can respectfully contribute to Sharp’s marketing message with their know-how is what I most enjoy. With this team of left- and right-minded people focused on the needs and opportunities for robotics within security, we can do great things to bring awareness, drive adoption and spark future product innovations.

What’s your company’s biggest challenge right now?

Sharp Robotics says this often when asked this question. We believe the biggest challenge is “change.” The security industry is in the courting stage with assistive robotic technologies for land, air and sea. Turning from “business as usual” to one that includes robots for security will require retraining and adjustments. Change will come with time, exposure and education.

What trends does your company foresee for the security industry in the next year?

Not unique to security, but relevant to the use of this technology, is the trend in “Collaborative Robotics.” Technological innovations tend to make workers, such as security guards, more productive. In the next year, manpower will grow increasingly comfortable relinquishing what is known as the “3D—Dirty, Dull and Dangerous” routines of their job in favor of tasks requiring human intellect. Man will collaborate with machine to reach better safeguarding outcomes for people, assets and infrastructure.

What does your organization receive from membership in SIA? How do you plan to be active in the association in the near future?

Collectively, we can do more over an accelerate period of time. Sharp is proud to be a member of SIA as we look to advance global security solutions.

We immediately jumped in to develop educational sessions for ISC West 2017 and have sought collaborations for the inaugural Unmanned Security Expo within ISC West. Being new, we will apply our “listen first” philosophy to discover ways to best serve SIA and actively contribute where we can.

Will your company participate in an upcoming event with SIA such as ISC West, New Product Showcase or Government Summit? If so, what aspect of the event appeals most to your company?

A program we founded, Robolliance, is honored to be a partner with SIA on the first-ever Unmanned Security Expo at ISC West 2017. Fellow Robolliance sponsors will be participating in educational panels and be present during the 3-day Expo to meet with end users and security integrators curious to know more about autonomous robotics for the industry.

Sharp Robotics Business Development will have the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV booth in the Unmanned Security Expo and offer a “live” demonstration of the security solution. The New Product Showcase is what we look forward to the most as 2017 will be our first-time entry into the competition.

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