SIA RISE Profile: Stuart Rawling of Pelco by Schneider Electric

Stuart Rawling, Pelco

Read our interview with Stuart Rawling at Pelco, as the Security Industry Association (SIA) spotlights a young professional on the rise!

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SIA: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Stuart Rawling: I am the head of segment marketing for Pelco by Schneider Electric in Clovis, California. I have had a variety of positions during my time at Pelco, including engineering and marketing leadership, consultant relations and leading Pelco’s interoperability and openness strategy and execution. Most recently, I have led Pelco’s development and growth of segment-specific needs.

My education background focuses on technology and cryptography; I have a passion for all aspects of physical security and regularly speak on cybersecurity issues and the challenges facing today’s physical security market.

After serving as communication chairman for ONVIF – the IP-based physical security alliance – I was elected to the steering committee in 2016 and the board of directors in early 2017. I’m also an active member of technology and industry groups, including the Association of Computer Machinery, the British Computer Society and ASIS International.

SIA: What first got you interested in security and safety as a career choice?

SR: Necessity introduced me to the industry when I needed a new job in the early 2000s after trying to break the mold in the .com boom/bust cycle. After failing to get another startup going, I joined Pelco and immediately was impressed by the company and the industry as a whole. There is a nobility in helping keep people and assets safe, and being able to participate over the years in ensuring the security of significant landmarks and global events has been a great experience.

SIA: What has your career path been?

SR: After joining Pelco’s engineering department, I worked my way up the product development organization, eventually joining the executive leadership team. Since then I have tried my hand at various sales, marketing and general management roles, which have stretched my skill set and provided me with valuable experience.

SIA: Who has influenced you or mentored you – either within the security field or outside?

SR: I have learned a lot from Per Björkdahl, the current chairman of ONVIF and business development director at Axis Communications. During my time working with Per on the ONVIF steering committee, I observed and learned from his ability to remain calm under pressure and ability to manage conflicts with grace and respect for everyone involved.

SIA: What do you think you need to enhance your career?

SR: A lot of people look to their management to answer this question, but I think it really comes down to making a commitment to yourself. Setting aside time to improve your skill set through taking educational courses or even just updating your LinkedIn profile and resume is critical. This is something I often neglect myself, and there is no one who is going to do this for me, so I must make more time. Within the industry I try and participate in as many opportunities, such as panel discussions, as I can. When I can lend my expertise to add value to the discussions, I always walk away having learned something myself.

SIA: What advice do you have for young professionals just starting out in the industry?

SR: Make sure to work on building personal relationships in addition to just connections on social media. The ability to make an introduction of yourself and be remembered without a reference to LinkedIn is what will allow opportunities to present themselves to you, rather than relying on you to develop every chance yourself.

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