AcceleRISE Takeaways and Career Tips for Young Professionals From Search and Recruitment Expert Rebecca Bayne

Rebecca Bayne

The Security Industry Association’s (SIA’s) inaugural AcceleRISE conference – hosted by SIA’s RISE community for young professionals – brought together tomorrow’s security leaders Aug. 14-16 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for 2+ days of idea sharing, coaching, business skills development, networking and inspiration. Following a successful AcceleRISE, SIA spoke with Rebecca Bayne, president of premier AcceleRISE sponsor Bayne Consulting & Search, Inc., about key lessons from the conference and helpful career tips and resources for young security professionals.

Since 1999, Rebecca Bayne has been a search and recruitment professional, known for a thorough, targeted and conscientious approach to the business and art of matching unique talent with exceptional organizations. In addition to search and recruitment, Rebecca consults with her clients who seek to improve processes and the industry’s perception of their companies in order to build a competitive edge in securing the very best industry talent. Rebecca also has a diverse business background and over 18 years’ experience in consultative selling, business and talent promotion, software training/consulting and construction management.

Tell us the story of your company. How does your organization serve the industry?

Rebecca Bayne: Located in the Denver area and near Boulder, Colorado, Bayne Consulting & Search, Inc. – also known as BCSI – was formed in 2013 when I purchased the division of the firm where I’d previously worked for 13 years to develop and grow a search and recruitment business with a total focus on the systems integration sector of the physical security industry. We will celebrate our seventh anniversary next year!  Our team of five provides high-touch, consultative search and recruitment services to integration companies of all sizes for positions which run the gamut from field technical and leadership to sales at all levels, as well as operations and general managers, vice presidents and C-level leadership. We also consult integrators in many areas to successfully grow and manage their businesses, including best practices for recruiting-hiring-retention, compensation and benefits plans, training programs and employee development and the critical need to stay current and competitive with IT and cyber competencies. Additionally, I have accepted frequent opportunities to speak at numerous industry conferences on related topics, knowing this is one way to give back to this industry, which has responded enthusiastically to BCSI and our approach! We love what we do and feel fortunate every day to serve the best companies and candidates in security.                                

You recently participated in AcceleRISE, SIA’s first-ever conference for young security professionals. What were your overall thoughts on the event, and what were the top takeaways for you?

RB: When invited by Don Erickson and Katie Greatti, I chose to invest in AcceleRISE as a top-level sponsor for many reasons, key amongst them being one of the most serious challenges faced by the security industry:  the need for new talent and increased growth of our industry with younger professionals and aggressive programs to increase awareness of this career path in high schools, community colleges, trade schools and universities. I have attended almost every security industry conference for the past 20+ years, and AcceleRISE was truly one of the top experiences I’ve had The energetic, passionate, community-driven tone of the gathering was set in the first session on the opening night and never diminished through the next two days. With a mix of sessions which provided general business, career and leadership strategies plus insights into various sectors of the security space, the agenda was outstanding. My top takeaway was a stronger awareness of the eager population we can tap into if our industry is willing to exercise the effort and investment to draw them in and nurture their aspirations! We are at a critical point, with the ever-increasing need for strong candidates  and an overwhelming scarcity of new talent.

What advice would you give to young security professionals?

RB: Recognize the potential in our industry, and do the work to make the most of your career with focused, planned growth! We are fortunate to be in an industry which can truly fuel your occupational passion, as ours is a higher calling than many others experience in their jobs: we protect people and property every day! Don’t expect promotion or praise without investing your very best effort, dedication and the required time to master each step of your job ladder before continuing the climb! Strive for excellence always, and be a leader in your organizations by giving back as much as you look to them for support. 

What can companies and people in the security industry all do to attract more talent to the industry?

RB: As already mentioned, we need to promote and evangelize the higher calling that is our reality in the security industry. The best way to reach more talent is with social media, especially videos, that focus on where our industry is today and where it is going in the next 10-20 years, with some of the most exciting, sexy technological advances ever! Companies need to continue to develop strong cultures, evidenced by high standards and expectations, then rewards for participation and performance, giving back to their employees while requiring a shared focus on quality in all areas of the business, continuous training, team events, competitive compensation and benefits plans and FUN! 

What resources do you recommend for young security professionals?

RB: If you have not attended one of the larger industry trade shows because your employer cannot or will not send you, then invest in your own career growth and send yourself!

Join a professional association that resonates with you to broaden your network, give back to our industry and gain new perspectives! Seek educational opportunities which will fuel your career growth by challenging your abilities and opening new doors. Lastly, find a mentor in our industry who is willing to share his/her wealth of experience and insights – then do the same for someone else a few years from now to close the circle and feed the perpetual growth our industry will continually require!

Learn more about BCSI here. And see BCSI’s Interview Prep Guide and Resignation Guide for additional helpful tips.

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