SNG Keynote Speaker Grady Crosby: Why Being a Better Corporate Citizen Benefits Your Workforce and Your Company

Securing New Ground 2020 Keynote Speaker Grady Crosby

The 2020 Securing New Ground (SNG) conference celebrated its 25th anniversary during this year’s two-day virtual conference on Oct. 21-22. Top security leaders connected in meaningful discussions about the changing landscape of security during uncertain times, discussed technology and business trends and shared meaningful conversations around challenges and opportunities.

The first keynote session, Evolving Security by Evolving the Workforce, was presented by Grady Crosby, chief diversity officer and vice president of public affairs for Johnson Controls. Crosby discussed the importance of being a good corporate citizen and how the workforce shapes the industry of security with just as much impact as technology advancements.

“For a corporation to be on the right pathway to being a good corporate citizen and involving your workforce, the company needs first to have some self-awareness as a corporation,” said Crosby. Crosby presented several ideas to the audience about the questions companies should ask themselves about their corporate social responsibility.

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