Join SIA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board & George Finney for the First Resilience Series Virtual Event

SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board – Resilience Series
Keynote speaker George Finney gives a preview of what attendees can expect from the first virtual event in SIA’s new Resilience Series.

On April 13, the Security Industry Association (SIA) Cybersecurity Advisory Board will present the first offering in its Resilience Series. This new series of virtual events will showcase cybersecurity insights, exercises and discussions to make the physical security industry more cyber-resilient as a whole. Attendees are invited to take part in engaging discussions where we will uncover, challenge and affirm some prevailing cybersecurity perceptions and leave with new understanding and tools to become resiliency champions in our own organizations.

George Finney headshot
George Finney

In this first event, attendees will enjoy keynote remarks from George Finney, chief security officer at Southern Methodist University and the bestselling author of several cybersecurity books, including the award-winning book Well Aware: Master the Nine Cybersecurity Habits to Protect Your Future. Finney has worked in the cybersecurity industry for over 20 years and helped startups, global telecommunications firms and nonprofits improve their security postures. Finney will share some of the insights found in Well Aware, which offers a timely take on the leadership issues business face when it comes to the threat of hacking. Finney argues that cybersecurity is a people problem rather than a technology problem and that cybersecurity is a series of nine habits that should be mastered: literacy, skepticism, vigilance, secrecy, culture, diligence, community, mirroring and deception. In this virtual event, attendees will learn about how to examine security challenges using lessons from psychology, neuroscience, history and economics, and how to harness effective cybersecurity techniques in their businesses and everyday lives.

Following the keynote presentation, attendees will enjoy a roundtable discussion featuring Wayne Dorris, business development manager, cybersecurity at Axis Communications; Rachelle Loyear, vice president, integrated security solutions management at G4S; and Pauline Norstrom, CEO of Anekanta Consulting. In this session, the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board will pose a handful of burning questions to the audience to discuss some of the most pressing, daunting, confusing and challenging aspects of converged security.

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The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board is a board-appointed group of industry cybersecurity experts that guides SIA members ahead of potential cybersecurity issues related to electronic physical security measures. The board provides prescriptive guidance and advocacy for new and existing cybersecurity strategies and solutions and enables SIA to prepare its members for challenges related to wider adoption of the Internet of Things and the use of secure networked devices for security. Learn more about the Cybersecurity Advisory Board.