Using Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology to Assist in On-Site Guarding

AI drones concept
Tommy Zarna headshot
Tommy Zarna, vice president of client solutions at Securitas, is a member of the SIA RISE Steering Committee and RISE’s AcceleRISE Subcommittee.

Many companies across the world are facing new challenges in terms of recruiting and retaining talent. With that, we’ve seen a shift in the industry towards technology. When looking specifically at the on-site guarding side of the industry, many companies have started offering alternative solutions using technology as a way to innovate and augment staffing challenges. Through leveraging technology (cameras and access control systems), traditional on-site guarding functions can now be performed remotely – commonly referred to as remote guarding. Businesses can easily enhance their security posture with these innovative solutions to mitigate staffing issues. Using artificial intelligence (AI), remote officers can secure premises, open gates, detect intruders and ultimately deter threats from hundreds of miles away. AI technology continues to allow companies to innovate the way they do business, and investments in analytic technologies continue to be a top priority. How are you leading your business unit to remain resilient during challenging times? How are you continuing to innovate?

Speaking of innovation, what’s next? Technology and AI continue to get better each day. With the advancement of this technology, drone technology has become increasingly popular. For many of us, we see it as a novelty we can fly around at our kids’ soccer games. Drone technology is a tool that many security companies hope to leverage in the future. Drones can be used to look at fence lines and conduct perimeter security patrols, remotely. With an increase in drone activity, companies will also need to watch how they are protecting themselves from drones. When regulations loosen and more clarity is provided, this is a technology that will truly provide a holistic security solution. Is the industry ready for a shift to this technology?

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This blog was originally published as an article in RISE Together, SIA RISE‘s newsletter for young security professionals.