6 AcceleRISE Sessions That Will Help You Grow Your Business Savvy and Career

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Are you a young professional in security? Get ready – AcceleRISE 2022 is coming Aug. 1-3 to Austin, Texas! AcceleRISE, hosted by SIA’s RISE community, is the ultimate conference for young talent and newcomers to the security industry who want to take their careers to the next level. With an all-star speaker lineup, unique and interactive sessions, connections galore, after-hours fun and an exciting destination to explore, AcceleRISE is a must-attend event for the industry’s rising stars.

Among the robust agenda of conference sessions are a variety of offerings on essential business and career topics that will help you boost your leadership potential. Here are six sessions you won’t want to miss; make sure to add them to your calendar!

From the Ground Up: How to Launch a Grassroots DE&I Initiative at Your Company

The idea of creating a diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiative from scratch can be daunting. Where do you start? How do you make sure that your program resonates with every employee? How do you avoid alienating groups? If you’re looking to make a meaningful change, empowering employees to design programs from the ground up goes a long way. In this session, dormakaba Americas’ Sabrina Wilson, senior vice president of human resources, and Nisha Advani, assistant vice president of strategy and business development, will walk attendees through the journey of identifying an opportunity, vetting the need, structuring a relevant program, securing buy-in, building momentum and launching a DE&I program in your organization that is built by and for employees.

Negotiating: Thinking About Risk

What makes an effective negotiator? How can you create leverage for yourself during heated back and forth? No matter the transaction, it all comes down to perspective – specifically, how you are thinking about various risks and the ways they interplay on the landscape of the transaction. In this presentation, Kasia Moore, vice president and deputy general counsel at ADT, will break down risk into simple terms, share tools you can use to quickly identify risks in your transactions and understand how they overlap, highlight tactics to respond to counterparts’ positions in a way that helps mitigate risk and expand your thinking about the resources available to you within your organization.

No Bullsh**! Employee and Manager Square Up on Authentic Leadership and Excellence

To help “make more leaders,” a leader in the workplace must feel confident in their abilities, welcome questions and different opinions and push their employees in a supportive, healthy way to find their own excellence. In this session, AMAG Technology’s Kami Dukes, director of business development, North America, and Ernie Ace Velayo, manager, business development, will demonstrate the dynamics of their real-world manager/employee relationship from both perspectives, sharing the positive and negative aspects of demanding vs. demeaning leadership. Kami will discuss her approach to authentic leadership and the outcomes she seeks for her employees, team and company, and Ernie will share how different approaches motivate (or demotivate) him and what strategies work to execute with excellence.

Building a Team for Today and Tomorrow: Talent Selection and Succession Planning for Leaders

Developing and leading a great team is critical to the success of any aspiring leader. But what makes an individual a good fit for your team? What attributes are critical for their success and the success of the team now and in the future? The decisions you make around talent management can not only define you as a leader, but also directly impact your future success. In this session, Anthony Berticelli, an industry expert on business development and leadership, will discuss attributes and skill sets to look for when hiring talent, why diversity is critical to building a successful and dynamic team and how to plan for and manage the inevitable changes that happen with staffing.

Let’s Chat: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

This session offers a connective and informative conversation on the new era of DE&I. In an interview-style discussion, Eddie Reynolds – president and CEO of iluminar and a 25+-year security industry veteran – along with Erica Reynolds – CEO of E.L. Reynolds & Associates, LLC, and vice president of enterprise learning and talent development for City of Hope, who possesses over 15 years of experience in leadership development, human resources, diversity and inclusion and communications – will touch on what DE&I means today, where it’s going and what that means for you as a young professional and stakeholder at your company. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share their own experiences with DE&I.

You’re in the Security Industry. Now What?

When you started your career path, did you ever expect to be part of the security industry? Although it isn’t the typical career choice, in security you are a part of an industry with countless opportunities. In this session, you’ll learn how to navigate these opportunities from a panel of security industry veterans – Todd Brodrick, vice president of ALC Consulting; Allen Mulanax, vice president of business development at Paladin Technologies; Elaine Palome, director of human resources, Americas, at Axis Communications; and Kristin Shockley, segment marketing manager, enterprise at Genetec. You’ll hear how these leaders fell into security and lessons learned from their experiences and explore current trends for advancing your career.

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