Video: Top 5 Things Physical Security Leaders Should Do to Enhance Cybersecurity

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and the Security Industry Association (SIA) Cybersecurity Advisory Board is marking the occasion with a series of blogs, articles and videos containing helpful tips and guidance on key cybersecurity topics. In this first video offering, Cybersecurity Advisory Board member Rachelle Loyear – vice president of integrated security at Allied Universal – highlights the top five things physical security leaders need to do to enhance their companies’ cybersecurity.

First, Loyear discusses how physical security is cybersecurity and the importance of safeguarding network-connected physical security devices and emphasizes that the cybersecurity of security systems is everyone’s responsibility.

Here are five things Loyear says companies can do to help their cybersecurity teams help them:

  1. Don’t wait until after system selection to involve IT.
  2. Know your systems.
  3. Be clear on who needs access, and limit accordingly.
  4. Ensure critical systems are in scope for resilience planning.
  5. Keep your systems updated.

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