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Creating a Cybersecure Physical Security Enterprise

Simplicity and convenience are the enemies of security This article is intended for executive and management personnel…

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Beginner’s Guide to Product and System Hardening

From the SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board The SIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board recommends a few basic safeguards to…

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Raising the Standards

Physical access control can benefit from adopting an IT-centric approach The convergence of physical and logical access…

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Security Industry Association (SIA)

The Importance of Practicing ‘Due Care’ in Cybersecurity

Taking appropriate precautions can prevent security equipment from being a cyber vulnerability Cybersecurity and physical security are…

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A Standard Response to IoT’s Security Challenges

Technical standards are essential to securing billions of connected devices The Internet of Things (IoT) is causing…

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IoT Makes New Security Partnerships Essential

Bringing physical security and IT security together can enhance both For several years now, security professionals have…

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