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Enhancing Security & Reducing Expenses With Robotics report cover

Enhancing Security & Reducing Expenses With Robotics

Security robots can help deter bad actors and effectively perform monotonous or dangerous tasks, and their abilities extend beyond security, making them multi-functional, autonomous remote services platforms.

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Security Market Index May 2020 report

Security Market Index: May 2020 Edition

The May 2020 Security Market Index, contrary to March’s SMI, which stayed mostly unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic at 50, showed the effects of the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, leading to a SMI of 30.

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Assessing the Risk of Violence in Today’s Workplace Environment: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

Learn strategies and a focused approach to violence reduction in the workplace that not only reduce the potential for workplace violence but engage employees to be more proactive and responsive to threats an incidents.

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Workplace Violence Prevention & Response: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

Gain insights to develop specific policies and procedures to mitigate threats and institute standards for workplace violence behavior.

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Transitioning From Being Viewed as an Overhead Cost Center to Being a Value Creator: A SIA Education@ISC West Session

Examine how security organizations have evolved over the years and get a road map for transitioning your organization from being viewed as a drag on profits to leveraging proven value-added methodologies.

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Cybersecurity by the Numbers – Maturity Metrics of Successful Security Organizations

Get a clear framework and interactive self-assessment to help you score the maturity of your organization’s cybersecurity initiatives quickly and accurately.

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