SIA Technology Insights – Fall 2015

SIA Technology Insights journal Fall 2017

The first half of this issue is about the power of data, and this, frankly, was not intentional. It’s just that five of the SIA members whom we asked to write articles about coming trends and technologies independently proposed pieces on “big data.” Such is the nature of the industry now that data mining has become an important security tool, and software has multiplied the effectiveness of video surveillance cameras, access control equipment and other devices.

Who could have imagined a few years ago that a publication like this would have so much to say about data? But physical security is now as much about 0s and 1s on a network as it is about hardware. So here we are, with insightful articles about how the massive amounts of data being collected and stored can be used to identify threats, increase the effectiveness of loss prevention efforts and, generally, enhance security.

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