SIA Perimeter Security Symposium, October 2022
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Event Report: SIA’s Capitol Hill Symposium on Perimeter Security

Government and industry met to identify challenges in hardening of facilities and public spaces At the Security Industry Association (SIA) Capitol Hill Symposium on Perimeter Security in Washington, D.C., on October 27, 2022, industry and government connected to explore threats to safety and the share information on the evolution of technology to secure facilities and…

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SIA's Perimeter Security Subcommittee at ISC West 2022

SIA Perimeter Security Subcommittee Takes on New Challenges

Forms working groups to tackle industry issues, develop guidelines and best practices On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the SIA Perimeter Security Subcommittee hosted a roundtable during the 2022 ISC West. The event brought together over 70 professionals from perimeter security organizations to discuss topics impacting the industry and propose solutions. Chair Rob Reiter led discussions…

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Why Hostile Vehicle Incidents Can’t Be Ignored

With a clear pattern of incidents, here’s why cities must pay attention – and what SIA is doing to drive awareness The road to Waukesha, Wisconsin, runs from Santa Monica, California.  It runs from Stillwater,  Oklahoma.  It runs from Austin, Texas, and Charlottesville, Virginia. The road runs from New York City and New Orleans, Louisiana. …

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