The Role of Manufacturers and Integrators in Assessing Risk (Part 1)

Security Industry Association (SIA)

November 2, 2017


Risk Analysis & Assessment in an Hour

This three-part webinar series explores the risk analysis and assessment process.

  • Session 1 provides an overview of the process.
  • Session 2 looks at the importance of risk analysis in meeting project goals and retaining clients.
  • Session 3 helps manufacturers and integrators understand their role in in ensuring that risk is mitigated and the customer gets exactly what is needed.

In the end, you will gain a better understanding of:

  • How risk analysis and assessment establishes the baseline for engagement with clients
  • Identify, assign and respond to risk throughout the lifecycle of a project
  • Recommend​ appropriate products and solutions and formulating accurate budgets


J. Kelly Stewart,
Managing Director and CEO,
Newcastle Consulting.


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