SIA Membership: The Power of Participation

Security Industry Association (SIA)

Last week, I introduced you to the SIA Value Equation:

V = A + I + C (P)
Value = Aggregate + Integrate + Create x Participate

Also last week, I shared my thoughts on the first variable in that equation: Aggregate. Aggregation makes us winners.

Next up in our winning equation: We integrate.  As defined as “bringing people or companies with particular characteristics or needs into participation.”

And remember, SIA Membership is rich with industry leading and competing companies—the game changers, the thought leaders and the market movers.  And so our organizational challenge is satisfying the varying needs of our member companies. As we integrate, SIA maintains vendor-neutral platforms or environments to do business in common.

Generally speaking, SIA Members seek to:

  • Grow their business by making connections.
  • Raise their profile within the industry.
  • Understand the impact of federal or state policy.
  • Make introductions, and to have the right people in the right room at the right time.

And our members look to SIA as an organization to fill gaps and fulfill needs within these goals.

Now, we routinely say being an SIA Member will not automatically grow your top line or increase your bottom line.  We will, however, provide opportunities to help you save time, save money, make money and make connections to help advance your company within the industry.

The next variable in our equation: We create. As defined as “bringing (something) into existence.

SIA brings into existence a slew of programs, products and services and promotes them as benefits of membership.

Take a look at a few recent highlights. In the past year, SIA:

The real value, however, is not necessarily the actual program, or product or service itself. The real value is with the people who participate.  And that is the final variable in our winning Value Equation: You Participate.

We can aggregate around common industry interests; we can effectively integrate; we can create purposeful things… but only you can decide to participate.  Your participation on committees, at events, in surveys and with programs—online or in person—are keys to experiencing the value of SIA Membership. We encourage your company’s full participation.

You don’t need Einstein to explain that the Value of Membership lies in your participation. Contact me at to learn how you can start participating today!