5 Ways Location-Based Intelligence Aids Security Risk Mitigation

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You understand the importance of the Intelligence Cycle, but what are the use cases of location-based intelligence within your organization? How can you better predict, analyze and act on security risks with real-time data?

If you haven’t, review the first blog of our series “Intelligence Cycle: Tips and Tricks” to understand how following this process can set a deeper focus on the data that’s of interest to you. Otherwise, check out these five ways you can use location-based intelligence to enhance your security operations solutions.

Executive Protection

Organizations use location intelligence in executive protection efforts to monitor the social media, weather and traffic activity around executives at all times. Whether it is monitoring the sentiment of an area prior to an executive’s arrival or being alerted of an unusually high volume of social posts that could alert a protest is forming near your executive, keeping your people safe is your number one mission.

Brand Protection

In addition to monitoring brand reputation via social media, retail brands can identify and location potential counterfeiters of goods. Location-based intelligence can uncover the movement of and specific activity that may be damaging to your brand.

Monitor Threats and Protests

Wherever you have employees, you have to be aware of their surroundings. Threats and protests pop up all of the time, but being able to understand, in real-time, how big of a group is forming or how close the event is to your team members or offices is invaluable intelligence. Using location-based intelligence, you can keep an eye on global events that may impact your team without having a large security team all over the world.

Identify Security Breaches

Regardless of how many security trainings you brief your organization with, it is inevitable a breach will happen at some point. Usually it is unintentional, but employees have posted pictures of secured facilities or future product designs on social when a team photo has captured confidential information in the background on a whiteboard or on the plant floor. Real-time discovery of this allows the security team to work with the employees to remove the posts and refrain from future posts.

Analyze Influential Locations

Monitoring your company’s locations, supply chain networks and major travel networks is critical to maintaining the highest level of proactive security. If there are other areas of influence that could impact your employee’s safety, it is best to include them in your analysis as well.

These five examples are just a few of the use cases that location-based intelligence can provide an immediate impact for your team. Access a superior data set that will increase cyber security, auditing, risk management, and beyond. Learn how to begin your Location-Based Intelligence Experience in our next blog, “Beginner’s Guide: Kickstart Your Location-Based Monitoring Program.”

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