Challenges for Security in 2018 Reflected in Security Megatrends

For the second year in a row, the Security Industry Association (SIA) followed up the Securing New Ground (SNG) executive conference with the release of Security Megatrends: A Vision for the Security Industry, a report bursting with executive takeaways on the trends shaping the security industry in the year ahead.

In producing the report, SIA draws upon experts such as SNG presenters and augments their knowledge with additional resources. The result is a powerful yet easily digestible survey of Security Megatrends that are exerting force on corporate dynamics within the security industry.

The latest report identifies the following 10 Security Megatrends:

  1. Booming Growth of the Internet of Things
  2. Cyber Meets Physical Security
  3. Accessing and Analyzing Smart and Big Data
  4. Evolution of Risk Management
  5. Transformation of the Channel
  6. Shake Up of the Status Quo
  7. Mobile Everything
  8. Control Through Cloud Computing
  9. Integrating with Social Media
  10. Emerging Connected Services

View the latest Security Megatrend report here.

Now, from year to year, we may see concepts like Big Data in the foremost thoughts of security leadership. Realizing that such megatrends remain dominant for several years at a time, the Security Megatrends report drills down into the nuance of the discussion to highlight those aspects of Big Data currently calling for action from the boardroom.

We hope you find value in Security Megatrends: The 2018 Vision for the Security Industry. It was released exclusively to SIA Membership about a month ago, and now we are making it publicly available for the benefit of all security professionals. For any comments on the report, contact Mickey McCarter, SIA manager of communications, at

Make plans to attend Securing New Ground 2018 in New York City on Oct. 25-26 to shape the conversation and the next edition of this report! More information is available at