SIA’s Diversity and Equality Commitment

Dear SIA members,

We grieve with the nation over the horrific events of this last week, but we also look forward to a better future.

Within the Security Industry Association (SIA) community, we believe diversity and inclusion have the power to help our industry advance, to help bring in the best talent and to recognize new ideas brought in by diverse perspectives. But to advance these principles requires a commitment to start a truly meaningful industry-wide conversation with all stakeholders. 

SIA has taken some important steps to spur such industry dialogue. Our RISE community of young professionals was created because we believed the industry could hire its way to a diverse workforce. Similarly, gender diversity has been a strong focus, as championed by the women and men leading and participating in the rapidly growing SIA Women in Security Forum movement.

Additionally, funding of STEM-related programs at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) is part of our overall workforce development strategy, and we encourage SIA members companies to engage with HBCUs to increase the diversity of our industry through hiring. We also encourage our member companies to not stop with hiring, but to develop programs that allow for diverse management and leadership.

On June 25, we will participate in a national town hall led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which will address inequality of opportunity, and we will strongly continue our efforts focused on values of equality and diversity.

With this in mind, I want to share with you a special message that the RISE Steering Committee has provided to the RISE community. This group of young security professionals is changing the industry – with fresh ideas and openness. We applaud the community’s emphasis on diversity, and we encourage you to join us in changing the landscape of the security industry to be one that is more welcoming and which recognizes the talents of a diverse workforce reflective of society itself.

I hope you will join this conversation with me.

Don Erickson
CEO, Security Industry Association

Dear RISE Community,

Our hearts are heavy from the recent events happening across the United States – the pain and despair of people of color and marginalized communities is being felt in every city in the nation. As a group of young professionals in the security industry, we stand against racism and bias and want to support, educate and empower our members and the industry.

It is our promise to you, our members and the industry, that we will strive for unity, equality and inclusivity in our companies and in our community. We want to be part of the dialogues that will be a catalyst for change in the security industry and work to lead our initiatives with empathy, respect, compassion and support. Our group is meant to empower and encourage the leaders of tomorrow – which includes confronting complex and sensitive topics such as these.

A better tomorrow begins with an acknowledgment of the realities of today. As we continue to host events, offer scholarships, build our networks, create spaces for dialogue and create content for the industry, we promise to work hard to ensure the work we’re doing is inclusive and respectful to all. During the last few months, RISE has been working on forming a new subcommittee – focused solely on efforts of inclusion and diversity in the industry. This new initiative will be announced in detail in the coming weeks, and we’re eager to engage with our members more intentionally about social justice issues facing the communities of our members.  As an industry, we can and will do better.