Invitation to Participate in SIA Standards Development Activities

The Security Industry Association (SIA) standards team would like to extend an invitation to all SIA members who wish to join on the various standards projects slated in 2022.

Additionally, we ask you also consider passing this invitation along to colleagues within your organization in technical or engineering departments who work on security products or solutions.

A list of suggested projects for the various subcommittees, working groups and advisory boards under the SIA Standards Committee are provided below. In addition, we would love to hear new proposals from you for SIA standards and technology projects.

Architectural Graphics and CAD Working Group:

  • Revise or reaffirm ANSI/SIA AG-01

Audio and Intelligent Communications Working Group:

  • Develop webinar to complement audio & intelligent communications primer
  • Develop supplementary document to audio & intelligent communications primer

Cybersecurity Advisory Board (CAB):

  • Develop a charter document for the CAB to operate
  • Opportunity to partner and engage with external organizations

Digital Video Subcommittee:

  • Survey the industry for gaps in video image quality and potentially develop a standard to meet needs
  • Develop guidelines for multiple imaging sensors
  • Develop guidelines for inclusive visual sensor deployment in critical infrastructure environment

Open Supervised Device Protocol Working Group:

  • Update OSDP v2.2
  • Develop a governing document for operation of the OSDP Verified program

Perimeter Security Subcommittee:

  • Threat assessment standard
  • Educate national, state and local governments on perimeter security
  • Host a perimeter security event during SIA GovSummit

Standards Committee:

  • Revise Standards Program Policies and Procedures
  • Develop a road for standard development
  • Convene elections for subcommittee chairs
  • Host townhalls on SIA’s 2022 Security Megatrends (Summer 2022)

If you or your colleagues have any interest on the projects above, please use this form to provide your contact details. And feel free to contact Edison Shen, SIA director of standards and technology, at or Cameron Walker-Miller, associate director of standards and technology, at, with questions.

We look forward to collaborating with you all in 2022 and beyond!