Video: Top 10 Hiring KPIs for Security Systems Integrators

SIA Top 10 Hiring KPIs for Systems Integrators

In the first of our new SIA Integration Insights video series, we address the fact that hiring is hard, really hard! But just like sales and business operations, if you want to improve performance, you need to measure it and apply some key performance indicators (KPIs). SAGE Integration Chief Operating Officer John Nemerofsky stepped up and shared the KPIs his firm tracks as they try to solve some of the workforce and hiring challenges nearly all security systems integrators are facing.

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John’s Top 10 Hiring KPIs:

  • Just-in-time hiring
  • Sourcing channels
  • Number of qualified candidates
  • Submit to interview ratio
  • Payroll to headcount
  • Cost to hire
  • Offer to acceptance ratio
  • Intent to offer ratio
  • Initial-hire quality
  • Post-hire quality

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