Video: Top 10 Sales KPIs for Security Integrators

Top 10 Sales KPIs: SIA Integration Insights

SIA’s Integration Insights video series shares business tips for security integrators to help you improve your business, refine your strategy and be more successful. In this video, featuring guest John Nemerofsky, chief operating officer at SAGE Integration, we cover the key performance indicators you can use to better manage the sales team at your security systems company. From how many touches to measuring the full funnel to closing the sale, this video covers 10 key performance integrators (KPIs) you can use to focus your sales team.

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10 KPIs You Should Measure for Your Sales Team

  1. Number of calls/touches per day (minimum 25 touches per day)
  2. Touches-to-appointments ratio (the number of appointments from those touches)
  3. Quote-to-appointments ratio
  4. Sales quotas
  5. Number of days from quote to sale
  6. Average gross profit margin
  7. Percent to quote (how are they performing to their sales quota)
  8. Number of days from appointment to close
  9. Average size (in dollars) of quote
  10. Number of days from touch to appointment

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